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Bryton rider 420 manual

As another new Bryton bike computer hits the shelves then so does another Bryton Rider Review hit the internet. We start off with a summary and the pros and cons before quickly delving further into the details that some readers might be even more interested in. With the you do, after all, get rather a lot for your money. Add in the ability to create, sync and follow either your own routes or 3rd parties routes and many people might raise an interested eyebrow.

bryton rider 420 manual

Those sorts of features were once only in the realm of Garmin devices that were twice the price. The format and interface to the Rider are limiting but Bryton has done a reasonable job of beefing up what the Rider is capable of by piggy-backing on extra functionality via the Bryton Active app, which actually works quite well now. The navigational features do a sound but rudimentary job. Having said that, an upcoming cue sheet for TBT instructions and an upcoming elevation profile gives you the comfort that the basic navigational features that most people need are included.

Well, it does. For example, it supports Turn-by-Turn guidance with street names, Galileo GNSS, dual-band sensor support and power meter calibration and configuration. Such features are typically only usually found on more expensive devices. The Rider and the new Rider are highly similar. Even the prices should be about the same at RRP, although the is currently on sale at Eu30 less.

However, these are the differences to be aware of:. Which is great. You can also create and then sync NEW routes via the app and that would also work if you had both devices with you when riding. The Bryton routing solution is really only for relatively straightforward routes as it is difficult impossible? The following images also show how I have added some POIs to the route. There is a little blue slider at the bottom of the map which drags a point along the route as you move it from left to right and when you are at the appropriate point you drop down the POI and give it a classification and name.

It actually works quite well, although my recommendation would be to use a more powerful route creation tool like RwGPS and sync your route TO the Bryton. Clearly, if you are in the middle of nowhere then having the Bryton option as a fall back is very handy.

Meaning that the Rider can NOT re-route you intelligently back to your route. In the following image, you can see a comparison of the rudimentary line-route of the Rider with the beautiful map on the Hammerhead Karoo to the right and the mystery device to the left with OS Land Rangertiles that can also be shown in 3D!

I survived for many years by following breadcrumb routes, sometimes over quite complex routes. It was fine for the relatively infrequent number of times that I needed to follow a route.At first glance the 2. Bryton claims a maximum batter life of 35 hours.

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This resulted in us charging the Rider about once a week. The Rider offers seven possible pages that can be set with up to 8 pieces of data. It includes the basics time, speed, distance, calories, cadence, altitude, power and hear rate, in a total of 77 different variations. Four buttons control the Ridertwo on the bottom and two on the back. The two buttons on the bottom are the most used they control basic navigation, lap functionality.

One rubber button on the back controls power and the manual back light function, and the other controls ride pause and stop plus the back function.

bryton rider 420 manual

Another important feature for adventure cyclists is the basic navigation functions. Bryton does not offer a map page with the but the computer offers turn by turn directions when synced with a route. Routes can be uploaded as. The app can upload rides from thethen sync them to apps like Strava. Road Bike Action. New Products.

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Racing News Latest News. Print Digital iTunes Kindle Android. By David Kennedy on April 30, GPS computer bryton Rider Product Test: Bontrager Ridetime Elite. Product Test: Wahoo Elemnt Roam.Bryton has been forging out a healthy respect in the bike GPS market for making units with plenty of features with competitive prices.

bryton rider 420 manual

The Bryton Rider is a sleek and slender unit but has made some sacrifices for the aesthetic. The face is perfectly flat with reasonable screen to bezel ratio. The unit back has a couple of buttons and the quarter-turn mount.

It fits nicely into the sleek Sports Mount. I used their Sport Mount which is quite good value and gives that premium and sleek metallic feel. I got the Rider bundle that included a cadence sensor and heart rate monitor HRM. The cadence sensor is totally adequate, with a strong resemblance to the generation of Garmin cadence sensors that shipped with the Edge A appreciate a couple of things over the Garmin offering; it uses standard rubber o-rings and not the silly ones Garmin uses, and it has a nice piece of rubber to buffer against your cranks.

The heart rate strap is very nice too with plentiful comfort from its soft elastic strap. The monitor unit itself is slightly chunkier than the Garmin alternative and has more pronounced edges. Connecting to my Pixel 2 XL Android phone is patchy with a phone restart required often to get the Rider to connect.

You use it to manage your personal profile, sync your rides, create and house routes, set notifications, set data pages, analyse your activities, and plenty more. So, changing from 6 to 7 fields will not retain the 6 you already set and instead gives you 7 new fields.

Third, there are only 2 bike profiles. I have more bikes than that and would like more profile space. Finally, the screen proportions are odd for some field quantities. I either want an either split or the ability to choose a split. These are the small annoyances that hold the Bryton Rider back for a user like me.

The navigation system is fine but my increasing gravel and adventure riding made me sorely miss proper mapping while I tested the Rider Sacrifices have to be made and maps is one of them. Garmin and Wahoo offer the same integrations so kudos to Bryton for putting the same feature into a value-focused unit. Routes can be loaded onto the device from the Bryton Active app which lists all synced routes from the integrated apps with the appropriate icon of what app it was created in.

You can scroll through the lest, select the course you want and send it to your device. No more plugging into a computer and manually dropping gpx files in. You can build your own training sets that target FTP zones and are tied to either time or distance.

I built a couple just to test the system.Bryton has added yet another cycling computer to their already extensive range. The Bryton Rider is similarly featured and comes with a colour screen. It will be more expensive with a possible colour touchscreen. Interestingly it looks like it might have onboard maps and routing. Based on Android and slated for a Jan ish launch.

bryton rider 420 manual

Wahoo did quite a good job, Hammerhead joined, and Bryton made its first step years ago launching GPS-based cycling computers with much better battery life. I still have one my 2 Joule GPS, but its battery life is deteorating from the original real hours much less than the optimal max, but it is true for all the brands including Bryton to hours. It is a 4 year old gadget anyway. Bryton devices are not as polished as the brands you mention app is good tho.

I touched both of those devices at Eurobike this year and both were very good in hand. But coming back to topic — Bryton and Lezyne are filling a cap in market — reasonably priced and full of features GPS computers. Garmin and Wahoo are overpriced. Yes, absolutely they are filling a gap and deserve to do better. I arely see Bryton units. First because I have no Bryton, just saw dozens of reviews of local Hungarian users.

The majority were positive, those who were negative just lacked something which were not part of the capabilities of the Bryton device in question. Like lacking a feature of Garmin for a price less than that of a After 9 more months I have to revise myself.

I dont love my any longer. I still like its battery life, but the restrictions of 2 profiles became a PITA for me, and its distance calculation is always an underestimation vs all of my other gadgets, which are in line with each other.


It is also mysterious, because I use a speed sensor, its circumference to be set the same number in all my gadgets, moreover the instantaneous speed of these gadgets including Bryton are the same. Oh, I forgot to add that I found a bit strange that all of the Bryton can handle only 2 bike profiles. First I had bought a as the cheapest Bryton solution to get a battery life over 30 hours, but alas I would find out that the display of and of cannot perfectly see wearing polarized lenses.

Back to Skip to content. News Opinion. FTC: Affiliate Disclosure : All links pay commission Reading Time: 2 minutes Bryton has added yet another cycling computer to their already extensive range.

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I even checked their wbsite yesterday I spottedbut could not see Quick Links. Table of Contents. Unplug the device when it is fully charged. Keep the decice plugged for several minutes, it will automatically turn-on after battery is properly charged. Long Press to turn the device off. In Menu, press to return to the previous page or cancel an operation.

To begin 1. Press to turn on the device. Press to select the display language and press to confirm the selection.

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Plan Trip via Bryton Active App 1. Download Bryton Active App. Page 8 Appendix Mount Rider to the Bike Page 9 To comply with the RF exposure requirements, this equipment must be operated in a minimum of 20 cm separation distance to the user. Hereby, Bryton Inc.

How to use Magene C406 Gps bike computer - Operation guide - in English

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1 this device may not cause interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device.

Print page 1 Print document 11 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?

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Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.Rate this item. Write the first rating. Shipping to. Add to Cart please select. Not deliverable. Tell a friend Bryton brand shop. Its follow track function with turn-by-turn makes exploring unfamiliar areas worry free, and by incorporating Full Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS support, the Rider enables a faster satellite fix and guarantees more precise positioning and recording.

Bryton Rider 420 GPS review

The high quality optically bonded display provides crystal-clear reading from any angle and environment without interference. By simply looking at the cycling page, which can fit up to 8 data per page, it is possible to fully understand your real-time performance.

It is now possible to plan and create trips via the Bryton Active App, import trails. With turn by turn navigation, the device offers information for road names, distance and direction before every turn. Go ahead to explore new areas, Rider will lead the way. It provides up to 35 hours of battery life and can be chargedvia power bank while recording. Simply input the crank length for calibration and receive precise power values generated from the power meter pedals. Smart Notifications Never worry about missing important phone calls, emails or texts during rides again!

Workout data can be automatically synced via BT from the device to the Bryton Active App, where progress and graphical analysis can be viewed, and rides can be shared to social media. It allows users to sync and downloads planned trips, modify device and grid settings, and calibrate altitude all without WLAN connection.

The app will also check the firmware version and GNSS data of the device and notify users that updates are available, ensuring that the most up-to-date firmware is always installed. What's better is it also supports professional training applications, such as GoldenCheetah, for detailed post workout analysis. More Products. Bryton Smart Cadence Sensor - black. Bryton Smart Heart Rate Monitor - black. Bryton Smart Speed Sensor - black.Always consult your physician before you begin any training.

Please read the details in Warranty and Safety Information guide in the package. Our goods come with guarantees that can not be excluded under the New Zealand and Australian Consumer Laws. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. This section will guide you through the basic preparations before you start using your Rider Rider is equipped with barometer which shows the real time altitude. B BACK. When recording, press to mark the lap. NOTE: Only the active icons are displayed on the screen.

Keep the device plugged for several minutes, it will automatically turn-on after battery is properly charged. Beyond this temperature range, charging will be terminated and the device will draw power from battery. Press to turn on the device. When turning Rider on for the rst time, you will need to follow on screen instructions to complete setup. Select the display language. Select the unit of measurement.

NOTE: Only when you choose English for the display language, you will need to select the unit of measurement. Otherwise, default would be metric unit. Once the Rider is turned on, it will automatically search for satellite signals. It may take 30 to 60 seconds to acquire signals. Please make sure you acquire the satellite signal for the. In meter view, measurement starts and stops automatically in sync with the movement of the bicycle.

In meter view, press to start recording, press to pause recording and enter the Menu. Then, choose to save your workout data.

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