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Italian village pizza menu

Is this your restaurant? Click to add your description here. Add Photo. Have to say worth the trip!! The food was good except my calzone. I asked for broccoli in it for a small up change. It came, after a very long time and there was less than a trace in it. I mentioned it to the waitress but nothing was done. Today for the 3rd time my wife ordered a pizza with mozzarella and olive oil.

What I got was ricotta maybe a little mozzarella and no olive oil. We are trying to support small business, but to say the least, I'm losing patience. PS: The ticket had my order correct. I live 10 minutes and received plastic in food delivered by Uber. I called restaurant and they told me it never happened.

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They told me no manager, owner, and they were closing soon. It was not closing for almost 2 hours. We drove back and I was even compensated for a Consolidated reviews are included in the calculation of the average rating of 3. Great food and the staff is awesome! Special thank you to Kim for taking such good of our group last Saturday! A cute European bakery that is a hidden gemMy daughter relocated to Lebanon a month ago and my wife and I have been coming up every week trying to help her get situated.

She told us about Italian village and each week I walk in, the "waitress" wasn't wearing a mask! Me and my wife both being high risk I was already uneasy but we ordered anyway. Dominoes pizza makes a better pie! But what really angered me was the dinners we ordered. Like HUH???

I ask the "waitress" and she says "well how do you like it? She made it seem like I was asking for extra sauce. My wife forcibly eats one cutlet and have the rest to my eldest daughter. It was equivalent to having a microwave chicken meal from Hungry man!

Then my lasagne was clearly a piece of lasagne that was sitting their for God knows how long and they popped that bad boy in the microwave and added some mozzarella and CAN SAUCE!!

No flavor, hands down the worst sauce I had since I'm old enough to know what sauce even taste like!! I know it sounds brutal but it's TRUE! The place is really run down and could use some remodeling as well. Really dirty!! They Got me for 70 bucks but So far, almost all the food establishments in Lebanon sucks squirrel butt unless someone can prove me wrong! Worst pizza and Italian food. We ate at the restaurant.

The pizza was lukewarm and tasteless.What's wrong with this menu? Italian Village Pizza.

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Call Menu Info. Best Sicilian Pizza in O-town! Catering Menu. Garlic Knots. Garlic Bread. Boneless Wings. IVP's secret tuna mix served over our Garden Salad with mozzarella. Real Italian Pizza - Cheese. Sicilian Square Cut. We make our Sicilian dough fresh every day. If you like thick, this is the one! Pizza by the Slice. White Supreme.

BBQ Chicken. Buffalo Chicken. Grilled chicken topped with buffalo sauce on a bed of melted mozzarella. Ranch Lovers. Village Supreme.

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Your choice of any 5 toppings! We'll only charge you for three. Carnivore's Delight. Vegan Pizza. Stromboli: Made with mozzarella.

Served with marinara on the side. Spicy Italian. Steak Special. Chicken Philly. We oven bake our hoagies. Meatball Parmesan. Hot Sausage Parmesan. Chicken Parmesan.

Italian Village Authentic Pizzeria, Kingsport

Buffalo Chicken Parmesan. Eggplant Parmesan. Steak Parmesan.We got a pizza for carryout. It was great. Plenty of toppings and the crust is fresh.

Italian Village

The prices are very reasonable and employees friendly. It had been a long time since, we had gotten a pizza here. Our last visit was disappointing but, we wanted to try again. So we carryout a lg pizza with several toppings. It was very good and the staff very friendly and the price This second chance worked out and We will be going back. Food has went down. Prices has went way up. Steak sandwiches has change. They use cheaper type of meat for steaks sandwiches,pizzia has also went down, the tea is weaker and not as sweet.

Italian Pizza from Naples in a Wood Fired Oven, London Street Food

Mark the steak it is the same. The price also are the same for the last 8 years. Find something else to do in your life instead of writing stupid review. My wife and I drive 30 mins each way just to get pizza here. If you dine in it's hot and amazing, if you have to take home it's perfectly made to just throw in the oven and bake for a few mins until it's We tried their Stromboli and Pizza Roll also and they were great. Tucked away in the Fort Henry section go town, in the Mall and on the upper floor you will find actual Italian food.

italian village pizza menu

Pizza is very good and in classic Neapolitan style, as well Sicilian. Ingredients fresh and well presented across the pantheon of it Love this place for pizza. Always great food.We stopped in here because many other local restaurants seem to be closed on Monday, which we found odd. However, we enjoyed the no frills, good pizza, subs, and RC Cola, something I haven't had in years.

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The staff was nice and friendly, and the I highly recommend it! I'm passing though on a road trip and was told this was a great place. I called for food at on a Friday night and got a recording saying they were closed. Well the picture below says different. I then called Pizza Just lost a present and future customer ' cause you don't have your act together Italian Village Pizza. Way to go!!!! We went to the Italian Village Pizza to get a little snack and was a little disappointed.

italian village pizza menu

We had a Pepperoni Pizza and it had no taste, and looked like a cheap frozen pizza you would by in a store. The Pizza Crust was not Small town feel and nostalgic old pizza joints.

With the exposed brick decor real not fake individual tables for two to four and even an adjacent larger room for groups. Lunch can be crowded so get there early. The food is fantastic, the service is great, the prices are amazingly low and the staff is very friendly. Whenever I'm in town for the symphony, I get a pizza at this unassuming, no frills, downtown joint.

The pizza is always good, the service is usually very quick, and the price is right.

italian village pizza menu

In some ways it's a throw back to a less complicated I like to take my pizza down to the river for a picnic. Sering up the traditional pizza joint fare. Located in the old historic downtown area. A nice change of pace if you're looking for something a little faster than the sit down restaurants of the area.

I can't get enough of his pizza. It is one of our go to places when we want good pizza for take out.

italian village pizza menu

Delicious pizza, that much is true. Thin crust, good toppings. Great value. The only downside is the place is a little cramped and not so comfortable if you want to dine in.

Highly recommended for takeout, though. Great pizza at a great price. Cheap prices on all menu and daily special items.Their food is going down hill. Last few times it was terrible. Ordered 2 phiily steaks, terrible! All dried out plus stuff on there we didn't order!!

A bit greasy but definitely tasty. Delivery time was pretty standard. Food was warm not fresh hot but still good. May daughter and I stopped in for lunch. We had their chicken salad with cranberries, pecans, apples and blue cheese. We opted for their house balsamic dressing because my daughter is allergic to raspberries. I hear the raspberry dressing is very good there. The service We will definitely go back since it is in our backyard!

Love IVP's food. My favorite is the veggie Greek pizza and the grilled chicken salads. No matter what you order you will love! Awesome food!

This is the best pizza Ebensburg has. Huge slices, gooey cheese, and you can't stop with just 1 piece. This place is sooo good. My family drives 40 mins to come here for pizza. The food is always fresh and delicious. They have the best salads and so many different ones to choose from. They make a lot of there dressings which are delicious They have a family deal after pm which includes an xl pizza, unlimited salad, unlimited breadsticks, and a 2 liter of soda for under You can't beat the price for the quality of food!!!

Staff is always super friendly and helpful! If you are in the area stop here. You will not be disappointed!! The food is really good, I have a hard time deciding what I want when I go there We ordered two xl argue pizzas and three salads.

Everything was very good. The kids and adults loved the pizza. Our two gluten free guests enjoyed the steak salad. We picked the order up to take home. The restaurant was very clean. However the waitressPlates come with Garlic Bread. Dinners come with Garlic Bread plus one trip to the Salad Bar. Your choice of cheese, mushroom, sausage, pepperoni, cheeseburger, or alfredo with chicken.

The daily pasta dinner specials are served Monday-Friday. They all are half orders that include one piece of garlic bread and one trip to the salad bar.

All frozen pizzas are 12 inch medium sized pies. Big enough for 10 people, served with garlic brea d. Developed by SINC. Bread Sticks. Pizza Bread. Cheese Garlic Bread. Bowl of Chili.

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Toasted Ravioli 6. Chicken Wings 6. One Trip to Salad Bar. All You Can Eat! Single Ingredient. All Meat. Garlic Butter Shrimp. Seafood Ravioli. Chicken Parmesan. Meatball Sub. Italian Chicken. Chicken Salad. Traditional Rueben.

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