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Nonlinear deformers in maya

After you create the twist deformer, its handle is displayed in your scene and its nodes are listed in the Channel Box.

nonlinear deformers in maya

The nodes include the twist handle node default name: twist n Handlethe twist handle shape node twist n HandleShapeand the Twist deformer node default name: twist n.

You can edit the effects of the twist deformer by editing the twist handle node and the twist deformer node. You can move translaterotate, and scale the twist handle to edit the effects of the deformation. To edit twist deformable objects by using handle manipulators. The manipulators on the twist deformer handle let you edit attributes. To edit twist deformers by moving, rotating, or scaling handle.

To edit twist deformers with the Channel Box. One quick way to select the twist deformer node is to select the object being deformed, and then select the twist deformer node in its history from the Channel Box under INPUTS. To edit twist deformers with the Attribute Editor.

nonlinear deformers in maya

See twist. To delete a twist deformer.

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The twist deformer handle, twist deformer handle shape, and twist deformer nodes are all deleted. However, the object still has the tweak node as an input node, so any tweaks you might have made are preserved.

Also, note that the various input nodes that structure the evaluation of the deformation are not deleted. Tip: You can also paint weights to adjust the effect of the deformer. See Paint nonlinear deformer weights. Related topics Create a twist deformer. Parent topic: Twist deformer.You can add deformation effects to your characters and objects to enhance their animations. Deformers are tools that let you transform or animate objects in ways that simple manipulation and keyframes cannot. In other software packages, the terms modifiers and space warps are used to refer to what Maya calls deformers.

Deformers have two main applications: to model surfaces or to add extra shape animations to an object. You can use deformers as animation tools. For example, you can create a blend shape deformer for a model of a face. Then over time, you can manipulate and key the weights of target shapes of the blend shape deformer in the Shape Editor to create facial animation.

Deformers as animation tools You can use deformers as animation tools. Topics in this section Working with deformers Deformer sets When you create a deformer, Maya puts all the deformable object points that the deformer can affect into a set called a deformer set. You can edit this set with the tools described here. Parent topic: Character Animation.Creates a bend deformer on the selected object without opening the Create Bend Deformer Options. See also Create a bend deformer. Opens the Create Bend Deformer Optionsletting you change settings before creating the deformer.

Values can be negative numbers or zero. Use the slider to select values from Default is Values can be positive numbers only minimum is 0. Use the slider to select values from 0.

Default is 1. Specifies the amount of bending, in degrees. Use the slider to select values from to Default is 0, which specifies no bend. See Advanced deformer options. For more information about deformer placement, see Deformation order. Specifies whether the deformer set is in a partition.

Sets in a partition can have no overlapping members. Default is off. Lists any existing partitions, and a default selection Create New Partition.

If you select Create New Partitionyou can edit the New Partition Name field to specify the name of a new partition. Only available if Exclusive is on. Specifies the name of a new partition that will include the deformer set.

Create Deformers > Nonlinear > Bend

The suggested partition name is deformPartition, which will be created if it does not already exist. Typically, you might put all your exclusive deformer sets in the partition named deformPartition. However, you can create as many partitions as you like, and name them whatever you want. Curvature Specifies the amount of bending, in degrees.

Advanced tab See Advanced deformer options. Exclusive Specifies whether the deformer set is in a partition. New Partition Name Specifies the name of a new partition that will include the deformer set. Parent topic: Create Deformers.You can edit the effects of the bend deformer by editing the bend handle node and the bend deformer node.

You can move translaterotate, and scale the bend handle to edit the effects of the deformation. To manipulate bend deformer handles. To edit bend constraint channels with the Channel Box. One quick way to select the bend deformer node is to select the object being deformed, and then select the bend deformer node in its history from the Channel Box under INPUTS.

To edit bend deformer attributes. To delete a bend deformer. The bend deformer handle, bend deformer handle shape, and bend deformer nodes are all deleted. However, the object still has the tweak node as an input node, so any tweaks you might have made are preserved. Also, note that the various input nodes that structure the evaluation of the deformation are not deleted.

Tip: You can also paint weights to adjust the effect of the deformer. See Paint nonlinear deformer weights. Manipulators display on the bend deformer handle, letting you edit the bend node attributes interactively.

Related topics Create a bend deformer bend. Parent topic: Bend deformer.You can use nonlinear deformers to quickly bend, twist, flare, or even squash a surface, greatly speeding tasks that would otherwise require multiple CV selections, rotations, scales, and transformations. Create a spiral staircase out of a cube with the Twist deformer. Bend a steel spoon with ease using a Bend deformer, or create bell-bottom pants using the Flare deformer.

Each of the nonlinear deformers performs a specific task related directly to its name. Figure Envelope You use this option to specify the scale factor of the deformation.

You can select values from 0 to 1, and you can enter values from 2 to 2. A value of 2 doubles the overall deformation effect; a negative value inverts the effect. The default value is 1. Low and High Bound all nonlinear deformers except Wave Adjust the Low and High Bound when you want part of the surface to remain unaffected by the deformer.

In addition, each of the nonlinear deformer tools has its own distinct options, discussed in the sections that follow. The Bend deformer can be a great time saver when you need to bend geometry but don't want to take the time to move each CV individually.

Once a Bend deformer is added to a surface, the user can control the amount of surface arc, thus making the surface appear to bend. The more isoparms the lines that define the NURBS geometry that you add to a surface before adding the Bend deformer, the smoother the arc will appear. An additional option for the Bend deformer is Curvature, which determines the amount the object bends.

Click the bend1 title under the Inputs section of the Channel Box to view the Bend properties Figure The Bend properties control how much an object is deformed.

Set Low Bound to 0. The object's bend still starts at its center, but only the top of the object is bent Figure Adjusting the curvature adds bend to the object; adjusting the Low Bound controls the start point of the Bend from the bottom of the object.

nonlinear deformers in maya

With a Low Bound of 0, half of the cylinder remains undeformed shown ; with a Low Bound of 1, the entire lower half is deformed.

You can attach this deformer to a surface to taper or flare selected geometryuseful on surfaces like jugs, bellies, and bell-bottoms. A Flare deformer is added to the selected surface Figure When a nonlinear deformer is added to a surface Flare is shown herea special manipulator is created to control the look of the deformation.

The original cylinder is gray, the deformer is white. Click the flare1 title under the Inputs section of the Channel Box to view the Flare properties. Click Start Flare X Figure The Flare parameters. Click and drag with the middle mouse button in the Perspective view to flare the base of the object until Start Flare equals 3. The object is flared along the x axis Figure The object becomes stretched by the Flare deformer.

Have your surface geometry ready with the desired amount of CVs and isoparms before adding a deformer to a surface. Adding geometry after a deformer is applied may cause undesirable results, such as the surface ignoring the deformer or over-emphasizing the deformation. The Sine deformer changes the shape of an object along a specified sine wave, which is a scribble-like line that looks similar to the way a heart monitor line displays a normal heartbeat.

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Edit twist nonlinear deformers

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Create nonlinear deformers

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