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Rum wine price in india

It's not easy to predict someone's favourite kind of alcohol, but in India, it's safe to say that at least 2 out of 5 people you drink with, would order for a glass of Old Monk. Such is the popularity of the celebratory sweet drink of Rum. Whether it's dark, white or spiced, there probably exists a Rum you'd happily sip on given the chance. And looking at India's historic relationship with the spirit and its base ingredient of sugarcane, both during the more defined periods of British Raaj and vague mentions in mythology, the love for rum really doesn't strike as surprising at all.

Having said that, this preference for the alcohol seems to be largely centred around a few top rum brands including the iconic name of Old Monk. But don't you think this delightfully yummy spirit, deserves to be explored a tad more deeply? Okay, even if you don't agree, let us at least brief you on your best rum options when you're out getting a bottle.

To make searching for the best rum in India, slightly more convenient, we've listed the 16 best rum brands available. And trust us when we say we've done our research, for this guide includes everything, the best white rum you can get as well as the best dark rums in India, both cheap rums and top shelf rum brands.

If that got your curiosity kindled, let's dive head-first! One of the most premium rum brands in India, the spirits by Ron Zacapa are produced in Guatemala and carry a distinct taste of molasses and vanilla.

Ron Zacapa 23 is immensely smooth, and often features under the most pleasurable dark rums to sip neat on a night of indulgence. Now mind you, this one is a rhum, and not a rum, and yes, there's a stark difference between the two. The latter mostly comprises of industrial rum that's distilled from molasses while Rhum Agricole is the closest you will get to pure, natural rum.

Clement Rhum constitutes of brilliant alchemy, and the spirit is crafted and matured carefully. VSOP Rhum by Clement is brimming with a subtle, mellow character and comes in a startling mahogany hue.

Clement is indisputably one of those top shelf rum brands every enthusiast needs to try at least once. The rums by El Dorado are actually remarkable blends of selected vintage rums.

Aged in former Bourbon casks, El Dorado rums are uniquely complex and distinctly flavourful. One of the leading rum brands straight from the Caribbean, Angostura gained rapid worldwide fame owing to its high-quality bitters. Angostura sells both white and dark rum variants, although it's recognised primarily for its superior aged dark rums, each of which is a blend of cherry-picked mature rums.

rum wine price in india

With a rich, warm flavour of vanilla and an incredibly smooth finish, Angostura's creamy, gentle rums have snagged an assured place on every list of the best rum brands in India. Made from molasses and water filtered by natural coral, Mount Gay rums are recognised by every rum enthusiast across the world. The most famous variant arguably is Mount Gay Barbados Eclipse, which is known for its fruity and well-rounded palate, boasting of enticing notes of banana, vanilla and toasty oak.

A sip of this excellent rum carries subtle hints of spices, that make for a mouthful of delicate and delightful dark spirit. One of the best-selling rum brands in India and the world at large, Malibu's Coconut flavoured liqueur is absolutely mouthwatering.

It's like a vacation in a bottle, one that's full of tropical fresh coconut flavours with notes of vanilla custard. More than anything, the stuff goes down remarkably easily, considering its sweet fruity taste and charming coconut aroma. One of the best rum brands we've ever tried, Malibu rum can be downed just by itself, or by throwing in with some pineapple juice or flavour liquor.

The Signature Blend by Appleton Estate is touted to be amongst the best rums in India, and one sip of it's fruity, tasty flavours later, it becomes starkly clear why. Imagine some alcoholic salted caramel, and you've got a pretty good idea of how Appleton Estate's Signature Blend rum tastes.It is often said that 'Rum is tonic that clarifies the vision, and sets things in true perspective'. There has always been a preference for dark spirits amongst Indians. Rum is a celebratory beverage and is way more popular than clear spirits in our country.

Most of the rum-producing nations are in Latin America or around the Caribbean Islands, which says about its connection with sailors. Rum is produced with the use of sugarcane and the liquid is then aged in oak barrels. Rum is one of the highest consumed drink in the Indian market and ranges from dark rum, flavored rum to spiced rum. As much as Indians love their Rumits consumption can sometimes burn a hole in the pocket.

But what if I tell you that now you can enjoy this spirit by spending a few bucks. Topping our list of best budget rums is Contessa which is a brand from Radico Khaitan and is highly popular with the armed forces. It is made from cane juice spirit and has notes of cocoa, vanilla, and dried fruits and is aged for 12 years. Sold over 60 countries, it has been awarded many awards including a Silver medal at Monde Selection Amrut Distillery began manufacturing rum and brandy inwhich he supplied to army canteens throughout India.

Old Port became very popular in the country as it is amongst the best cheap rums and has a dry and fruity palate. Rich in molasses and having bright copper colorit contains hints of flavors of vanilla and butterscotch. The most celebrated rum in India, Old Monk was introduced in and is a dark strong rum.

The rum is dark brown in color and has a slight vanilla robust flavor. It is blended and aged for a minimum of 7 years. The rum is produced in Ghaziabad and without any advertising, it has been the biggest IMFL brand for many years.

This rum is sold all over the world and has 6 variants. Until now, the brand has maintained its reputation in the market because of its pocket-friendly prices and same great quality. Jolly Roger gives an exotic taste in every sip. The rum is blended with original matured Jamaican pot-still rum and natural spices. Having a rich aroma and well-balanced taste, it comes in an elegantly designed family bottle.

Made of fermented molassesyou can enjoy this authentic dark rum with your loved ones at very reasonable prices.

One of the most popular and cheap rum brands in India, McDowell's No. Awarded with many prestigious awards, the brand overtook Bacardi as 'world's best-selling rum brand' in It was launched in Celebration Dark and Caribbean White variants in and is sold in 13 countries. This popular rum has a dark color with a different kind of vanilla and caramel flavor. Amongst the top budget rum brands in the country, Hercules is mostly sold in the defense segment.

It is usually enjoyed with a soft drink and does not leave you with a hangover. If you wanna enjoy a smooth rum without spending a hefty amount, then Angostura is the one to go for. It has deep flavors of clove, tamarind, and cinnamon. The aged rums are blended, re-casked, and upon maturity hand-drawn for bottling and are truly smokey and oaky. Sincethe label has used the slogan 'To Life, Love and Loot'.

This rum is distilled from sugarcane and then is aged in oak barrels for up to a year, which adds a golden color and character to it. After that, the flavors and spices are added. A very delicious drink all by itselfit is a great one to go for if you are in a search of the best budget rum. Bacardi is a family owned spirits company that has more than brands and labels. Founded init now has sales in more than countries.Rum is one of the favorite alcoholic drinks, which has an avid fan following among party lovers around the whole india.

In a Rum their is a special taste and a unique flavor.

Your One-Stop Guide To The 20 Best Rum Brands In India

Most of the people love Rum and are known for some interesting tastes and collection they possess. The earliest reference of rum dates back to a document from Barbados. Rum is usually produced by countries that have high sugarcane production and most of the rum producing nations belong to Latin America or Caribbean Islands.

So, Here is a list of top 10 best rum in Indiawe have also mentioned their price but it can change from state to state and time to time. The rum that has its origins in Barbados and is famous all over the world for its unique coconut flavor is manufactured by Pernod Ricard and is a favorite cocktail base. This white base rum has a slight sweet taste that adds a specific character to it. Malibu also has a dark-rum by the name of Malibu Black.

Since its inception inBacardi has been one of the most popular rum brands among the Indian manufactured foreign liquors category.

This rum has a sweet and fruity taste with notes of vanilla complementing it.

12 Best Rum Brands In India Under The Budget Of ₹2000

Another stellar from the house of Pernod Ricard and the Cuban Government, the Havana club rum is bottled in Punjab and has a rich chocolate taste attached to it.

Havana Club has dark as well as white rums to its credit. The variants differ in age. This is one of the most popular spiced rums available in the market. It is marketed in India by Diageo. Sold mostly to the defence personnel, Hercules is an extremely popular Indian Rum brand with dark and white variants. Hercules rum comes with Produced by Allied Blenders and Distillers, Jolly Rogers is prepared by the fermentation of molasses.

It is a matured rum with a note of spices and is often favored by ones who prefer a strong flavor. The rum has a note of raisins in it.All the parties, functions and get-togethers are incomplete for all the active alcoholic drinkers without this famous alcoholic beverage known as rum.

It has been one of the dominating drinks in India and even most of the times used in film industry to portray alcohol.

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The reason why rum is the most loved drink for indians is due to the fact that it is cheap. The biggest reason which makes it cheap is its production and availability of raw source. Rum is cheap to produce as its made up of fermentation of sugarcane. This makes the market price of rum very cheap and hence it can be afforded by anyone in theindia.

Rum has one of the highest alcohol contents followed by the vodka. Thus making it a strong drink. The leading rum is the Bacardi rum in India. The Bacardi rum price in india is different for different regions as each region has its own tax system and their own distribution channels for the availability of rum in there respective state.

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There are different types of Bacardi rum present in india, some of them are Bacardi white, Bacardi black, Bacardi limon, Bacardi gold, big apple, Bacardi orange and razz. All of them have a unique flavour and different prices but all of them are special for a particular occasions. It is the original hallmark product of the company.

Lot of cocktails based on rum are made up of white rum. It is yet another successful rum by Bacardi, and aged upto 3 years before it hit the shelves. It is often mixed with other drinks like cola and lot of cocktails are made from it like Ciderific, BAT magic etc.

It has a unique flavour and is also the most expensive rum. It prices the most by any of the rum and is most expensive in Bangalore. It costs bucks in bangalore and less than bucks in kolkata whereas Bacardi rum price indelhi bucks. There are a lot of rums other than Bacardi famous for its taste and ethnicity. One of the examples is malibu rum.

It has coconut flavour in it and is made from carrebian rum. It is mixed with a lot of fruits from tropical regions such as pineapple, banana, mango and melon.

Just like Bacardi it has different flavours present in it some of them are malibu red, malibu fresh and malibubalck. This rum can needs no introduction but one can certainly use a history book on this one as it has a long history attached to its name. It has a very high alcohol content of It again is mixed in lot of beverages to make cocktails.

Your Guide To The 16 Best-Selling Rum Brands In India

ITt has lot of variants who hit shelf from just a year to seven year maturity. It is one of the rum with lower alcohol contents and hence one is very less likely to get a hangover from it and thus makes it way into for being one of the highest sold rums in defence and military sectors.Wine is decisive that — a Noteworthy holder of celebration! You will be first presented with a rather large menu listing different types of wine brands names.

This list can be rather daunting unless you know some basics about wine such as why and how it is consumed. Here we guide you on the topmost wine brands in India which you can serve at a business party of toast with your beloved at a romantic dinner.

But wait… what if like Whisky or Beer? Traditionally, wines have never been a preferred alcoholic drink among Indians for several reasons. Wines, therefore, are generally viewed as alien by Indian drinkers due to their strong taste, relatively low alcohol content, high price and an overall ignorance about wines and manner of their consumption.

The trend appears to be changing now as over 60 percent drinkers of all ages order wine at business dinners or while dining out with a dear one. Though a majority of Indians continue to be ignorant about wine, the country has some top wine brands lists that are now popular locally and in foreign markets.

White Wines are pressed from whitish, pale yellow or green grape varieties. There are some types of white wines that are also pressed from dark or red grapes. The juice is later fermented according to various procedures, depending upon what type of wine is being made. Chardonnay is the most common white wine.

White wines are served with white meats like seafood and chicken or vegetables. They are usually chilled before serving. Red wine is made of dark, brown, purple or reddish grapes.

The process is similar to white wine. However, skin and grape seeds are left along with the juice to ferment until the desired alcohol level is attained. This process is called maceration. Skin and seeds of these grapes lend the tannin flavour to the red wine. Red wines accompany meats such as mutton, pork, and They are usually served at room temperature or cooled slightly.

Rose wine is made with the juice of reddish and light purple grapes. The skin and seeds are left with the juice, which lends Rose or Pink wines, the flavours of tannin, fruity and flowery notes.

Zinfandel is a white wine made with red or dark grapes. However, it has a darker shade than other white wines. Vineyards in India produce wines that can be classified as Red, White, and Sparkling.Rum is a spirit wrought with history and is featured in various genres of lore. Simply looking at a shelf laden with rum, you can see that there are many types of rum spanning from clear to dark brown.

However, each of those bottles contains some byproduct of sugarcane: sugarcane juice, sugar cane syrup, or molasses in most cases. Throughout this guide, we will explore how rum is made, a bit of history, and discuss what drives the cost of rums from budget to premium offerings.

Most rum has its roots in the Caribbean and Latin American countries, however, has come to be produced all over the world. Rum is made from several sugarcane byproducts but is most often produced using molasses. While island nations like Jamaica are most often brought to mind when discussing rum, most of the molasses are imported from Brazil. The addition of yeast and water to whichever sugarcane product is used starts the vital process of fermentation.

Top 10 Best Rum Brands with Price in India 2021

The yeast does more than simply facilitate fermentation in rum, as it determines how long the process takes and even impacts the taste of the final product. Rum is distilled in either pot or column stills and laid to rest in barrels - often old bourbon barrels but other woods and steel are also used.

Rum ages quickly because of the climate in the areas it is typically produced. Rum aged in Jamaica will mature faster than one produced or aged in the UK, for example. Rum is put in categories based on an array of factors. The verbiage can vary based on where the rum is produced, yet these seven terms are used globally. Rum has played a role in a variety of historical periods. Its presence in the Caribbean led it to be a spirit sought after by those traversing the region. It just so happened that the pirates and various navies spent a lot of time passing through, collecting rums and rum drinks along the way.

Pirates typically enjoyed a drink containing rum called Bumboconsisting of rum, water, sugar, and nutmeg. The Royal Navy instituted a policy of sailors drinking rum and water, calling the mixture grog. The rum was added to make the often stagnant water palatable.

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Thus, rum became the drink of seafarers and was widely seen in literature and film when referencing the past times of this population. Rum is lacking many of the global qualifications or standards that most spirits have. Therefore, it is hard to pin down a set of rules regarding what makes rum. Some regions have adopted laws primarily focused on the ABV or proof requirements of rum, while others enforce laws regarding aging. Some examples:.

Captain Morgan. Sailors Jerry. The chart above shows that rums prices are broken into three categories: budget, standard, and premium. There are several factors that can impact the price of rum. Like many spirits, aging plays a major role in the cost of rum. There are multiple factors involved in aging that can drive the cost of a rum.

The barrels alone can be a costly investment for rum makers. A well-reported shortage of barrels has taken its toll on the spirits industry from bourbon makers all the way down to rum distilleries. A lot of dark rum is aged in old bourbon barrels and the shortage has an impact on costs over time. Aging obviously requires time.

rum wine price in india

Fortunately for rum makers, rum is often aged in climates that expedite the aging process.Rum is a celebratory spirit, and we Indians have consistently showcased our great affection for it than any other clear spirits in India. Today, rum claims a huge fanbase as the people of India have always had a preference for dark spirits that any other beverages. We Indians have consistently had an inclination for dark rums and it is the prime reason that rum grew rapidly in our living culture that gin or vodka.

rum wine price in india

Rum is one of the most devoured drinks within the Indian community and ranges from flavored rum, dark rum, to spiced rum. A large portion of the rum producing nations is in Latin America or around the Caribbean Islands, which affirms its association with sailors. With an ever-increasing number of exotic rum brands entering the Indian marketplace, it tends to be a little herculean in picking the best one. But Fret Not! As we bring to you a carefully curated list of the 20 best rum brands in India that will keep your spirit alive.

The founder of Bacardi — Don Facundo has significantly marked its presence through its self-invented world-famous black, open-winged fruit bat logo that signified the mark of brotherhood and self-confidence. Sweet and fruity on the palate, the Bacardi rum is highly-appreciated for its subtle flavors and affordability. The rum is abundantly available in almost any wine shop across the world and can be enjoyed by sparing a few bucks only.

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Founded inthis family-owned spirits company has more than brands and labels today with a sales presence across more than countries. A flavorsome rumowned by Pernod RicardMalibu is made with Caribbean rum that offers a rich coconut aftertaste.


Undertaking you to satisfaction like no others, this rum is flavored with numerous tropical fruits such as passion fruit, pineapple, mango, island melon, and banana.

Available in assorted variants, Malibu is one of the best rum money can buy for you. For an unforgettable experience, try its Malibu Fresh — mingle with mint and a double strength version of Malibu Black.

A true rebel in the segment of best rum, Captain Morgan rum is named after the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the CaribbeanSir Henry Morgan. The rum is made of sugarcane which is carefully distilled and then aged in oak barrels for up to a year, which adds a golden hue and character to it, and further, the flavors and spices are being added.

Captain Morgan rum boasts of rich flavors of vanilla, brown sugar, and aromatic spices and is one of the incredible spiced rum that blends wonderfully into fancy cocktails. Havana Club is one of the best rum brands in India known for its versatile range of offerings.

Founded in Cuba inHavana Club is the 5th largest selling rum brand in the world which has its expansion across countries. The brand also has a plant in Punjab and is bottling in India since Goes easy on the pocket, this is a rum every chocolate and vanilla lover would cherish. Hercules is one of the most popular rum brands in the country that observes its significant demands from the defense segment.

rum wine price in india

Relatively smooth on the palatethis dark rum offers a rich, complex flavor that does not leave you with a hangover. Inthe brand launched its Celebration Dark and Caribbean White variant of rum that was sold in 13 countries. Jolly Roger is an authentic dark rum that gives an exotic taste in every sip. The rum is carefully blended with original matured Jamaican pot-still rum and natural spices. Made of fermented molasses, the Jolly Roger features a rich aroma with a well-balanced taste.

A product of Radico Khaitan, Contessa is a highly prestigious rum that is globally known for its smooth and bold taste. The rum is made out of cane juice spirit and aged for 12 years. Contessa is a full-bodied rum that has notes of vanilla, cocoa, and dried fruits.

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