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S/4hana simplification list 1511

S4TWL - Unification of supported technologies in analytical data provisioning. CRM Middleware no longer used for internal or external communication. Persistency of business transactions optimized for HANA. Territory Management not supported. Deprecated functions in business partner maintenance.

Partner function handling in business partner. Changes in payment card handling. External reference numbers and input channel not supported. Mobile laptop scenarios not supported. Partner product ranges PPR not supported.

Restrictions in Activity Management. Restrictions in Opportunity Management. Extraction to Business Warehouse BW system not supported.

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Individual objects not supported; equipment used as reference object. Transaction item number shortened to six digits and not changeable. Changes in organizational management. Archived transactions not integrated in Web Client UI applications.

Not supported functions in Interaction Center. Inbox Search.

s/4hana simplification list 1511

Redesign of Interaction History. Account Identification. Interaction Record simplifications. Restrictions in Survey Suite. Worklist restricted to alerts and workflow. Groupware integration and Desktop Connection not supported.

Case Management restricted to Public Sector scenarios. Sales orders and contracts not supported in S4CRM. Unsupported authorization objects. Changes in the advanced search applications. Harmonization of customizing tables. Quotation Management not supported. Contract Management changed. Product packages not supported. Account Identification changed. AMI integration not supported.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF.

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Download PDF. A short summary of this paper.

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Re-architecting a solution that has been growing over the past 25 years means and sometimes evolved into different data structures and architectures means as well that we have to decide on one data structure and architecture moving forward.

This is the only way how we can prepare the solution for more simplicity and faster innovation cycles. Example: In the current ERP system we do have two general ledgers, the classical general ledger and the new general ledger, that has been introduced mainly driven by the need to support multiple valuation methods.

In most cases SAP is pursuing the functional strategies already laid out in the existing Business Suite world, where many innovations have been started like in the example above. That said SAP is taking responsibility for managing the impact of these decisions.

SAP S/4HANA 1511

Where those strategic directions demand change management through adoption, SAP at large keeps the traditional capabilities available as compatibility scope enabling a rather technical migration of these processes and leaving the time of change management at customer decision that may well happen when initially converting or at a later point in time.

However, SAP does not foresee that any customer system will be hit by all of them as these go across all capabilities of the system including industry solutions. This list must be treated as a complete inventory that needs to be mapped against a productive environment to determine the impact when converting. This code has grown over time and experience has shown that a large share of custom code is not even used anymore.

Simplifying your own extensions will benefit the general simplification of your system. To ease this process SAP will provide an analysis that will determine custom code in the context of these changes and as such the effort of custom code migration will become projectable. Details are set forth in the Software Use Rights document. Business Process related informationHere it is described what the Simplification Item means for the related business processes.

RecommendationsThe dedicated recommendations will give a description about how the related custom code needs to be adapted based on SAP Notes.

The results list the instances that need addressing before attempting the conversion process. There are redundant object models in the traditional ERP system. Here the vendor master and customer master is used. Business Partner is now capable of centrally managing master data for business partners, customers, and vendors.

With current development, BP is the single point of entry to create, edit, and display master data for business partners, customers, and vendors. The entire Business Partner data transfer including conversion and Business Partner post processing activities usually takes place in four phases, which are illustrated in the following diagram. The new customer specific Business Function must be of type Enterprise Business Function G -see also Mandatory checks for customer, vendor and contact.

The appropriate related SAP development entities domains, structures, table types, and transparent tables, external and internal interfaces, user interfaces, and so on have been adapted accordingly. Nevertheless there might be constellations where a customer needs to be aware about. In the following chapters, the different aspects of the material number field length extension are described.

Additional remark: The next version of SAP Simple Finance, on-premise edition which will be based on Enhancement Package 8 will as well be based on an 18 characters long material number. Consistent Usage in System-Internal CodingExtending the material number means that in the coding within the system it must be ensured that 40 characters can be handled at all relevant coding places.

Especially, it must be made sure that the material number will not be truncated to its former length of 18 characters as this would result in data loss.It is designed with the most modern user experience — SAP Fiori — and can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. The offering is an Enterprise Resource Planning software package meant to cover all day-to-day processes of an enterprise for example, order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, plan-to-product, and request-to-service and core capabilities.

The event introduced cloud and on-premise editions and launched the on-premise edition. Here we take a look at some of these highlights in more detail. As the modern digital core, it serves as the nerve center of the enterprise. As a system of intelligence, it offers decision-making support, simulation, pattern recognition, and prediction capabilities to help organizations transform from the reactive to the proactive.

Integration not only between departments, but also with suppliers, customers, the workforce, and the Internet of Things makes immediate and valuable insights across an entire business a reality. Using tiles, links, or the search function, users access all the applications they need from one single personalized entry point. Overview pages, list reports, and work lists based on domain-specific information provide tailored task overviews, with notifications alerting users to priority issues.

Drilling down, users can investigate and resolve open issues — with the SAP Fiori visual theme applied across the board, even to own developments. Highlights include real-time understanding with SAP RealSpend and SAP Financial Statement Insights, and parallel valuation methods for legal, group, and profit centers, making reporting profitability for both the group as a whole and individual units possible. Innovations, such as the direct use of master data and the supported use of digit material numbers, are now also available.

There are no redundancies, no duplications, just a simplified SAP system landscape. In the age of the smart product, one of the new topics addressed by the latest on-premise release, is that of embedded software.

Businesses can accelerate new product development by responding quickly to information gathered from their intelligent products, leverage requirements-based product design and impact analysis, and monitor the product development status, including design, quality, and development progress.

SAP has completely redesigned the way a user interacts with the system to enable optimum efficiency.

Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511

This enables customers to benefit from the latest innovations in the database system. Previously, customers had to use two systems and the corresponding integration. Now, all transportation processes come together in one system. This helps to reduce data redundancy enabling customers to run simple. Catch Weight Management is specialized in covering the needs of the consumer products industry in general, and the food processing industry in particular, making it easier to convert their existing systems.

Therefore, Catch Weight Management provides customers with processes and functions to manage materials in two independent units of measure throughout the main inventory management.

With the new release, there are also some brand-new capabilities. Let me share some favorites, like demand-driven replenishment.Kind Regards. With this delivery, enterprises can drive unprecedented business value with innovative use-cases - in core financial and operational areas such as in logistics — taking full advantage of a simplified data model and a responsive user experience.

System Conversion requires a Unicode UC source system. Basically it can be distinguished between technical and semantic tasks during the system conversion. The Maintenance Planner checks the system with regards to business functions, industry solutions, and add-ons. If there is no valid path for the conversion for example, the add-on is not released yetthe Maintenance Planner prevents the conversion.

The results list the instances that need addressing before attempting the conversion process. The conversion is stopped if errors persist.

I mplement SAP Noteand all the related notes attached to it. Make sure to use latest version of this note and regularly check for updates of all attached notes. These checks are based on the Simplification list concept. These simplifications are loaded into the Custom Code Check Tool. SAP Help. Maintenance Planner. SAP Activate. General Information. SAP Note Process integration with other SAP on-premise systems.

Pre-Check related information. Custom Code related information.

s/4hana simplification list 1511

Business Function related information. Uninstalling ABAP add-ons.Now it comes to a stage where you can access it as well. You could search and filter the simplification items.

s/4hana simplification list 1511

You could download the content into a zip file in the list view as well. The zip file can be uploaded into the simplification item check, which will be explained later. The check report will call the class automatically and present the check results. Such relevant information is present here. It summarizes the most important aspects of the conversion project in an easily consumable way.

One aspect is the relevancy of simplification items. SAP Readiness Check executes the simplification item check together with other checks and present the result in the new designed Simplification Items section, which was live on And click the line item, the consistency result will show in left panel.

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The Simplification Item Check performs the relevancy and consistency checks based on the content in the Simplification Item Catalog. The Software Update Manager triggers the Simplification Item Check during the system conversion to make sure the system is in a consistent state before conversion.

I use the custom code ATC check and get the custom code note, how could I find the related simplification items? HTML code is not allowed. Need help of sap experts just raise ticket use link. Subscribe to this RSS feed.

Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes. All rights reserved. The selected radio button indicates which option is used.

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Read times.As expected, there are some similarities between the occasions, most especially that once again SAP completely rewrites its market-leading software to the benefit of its customers. Make no mistake: With an undertaking of this size, the complete re-creation of ERP is not what Release gives to us. There are approximately hundreds of million lines of code in ECC 6. Release comes with changes beyond the code. There are plenty of new names.

If your head is spinning a bit, let me put this in terms familiar to ECC 6. SAP has eliminated redundant data, such as aggregates, indexes and history, and continued the reduction of the memory footprint and table design, including clear separation of master data from transactional data.

What that means for SAP customers is more powerful, functional and easier-to-use software. Smaller database sizes lead to better performance and lower hardware cost. Improved, faster processes allow customers to take advantage of the extra time created, thereby creating value for the enterprise.

The simplification of the data model and coding enabled by the underlying HANA platform is allowing SAP to deliver a lot more functionality, he adds, such as predictive analytics for finance and for materials planning.

In turn, they were built out as additional complementary solutions.

S4HANA On Premise 1709 Upgrade Guide

SAP plans to release project system, quality management and sales and distribution functionality inGrigoleit says. Managed cloud could be the perfect bridge technology to move with all their current complexity, processes and add-ons and then use services from SAP to reduce complexity and go back to simplicity and then be ready with their systems and processes to move into a public cloud scenario.

As SAP announced during its Q3 earnings call, the current promotion has been extended through Dec. So, just who are these early adopters? Other sectors, such as financial services, which have yet to be fully impacted by digitisation, are moving more slowly, SAP says. Neil ran his first SAP transformation programme in his early twenties. He spent the next 18 years working both client side and for various consultancies running numerous SAP programmes.

Skip to Content. Skip to Main Menu. Limelight Consulting. Open Menu. More Than Just the Code Release comes with changes beyond the code. There are, to be sure, additional improvements in Release On-Premise vs.

Posted by: Neil How.Incomplete applications are not at all simple. Just the opposite. While researching this topic, I found the following quotation from SAP. This article quote I found is quite amazing. See it below:. That seems to be the line Uwe is walking here. I mean, you can release anything, and it is still that thing. A motorcycle with no pistons is still a motorcycle.

s/4hana simplification list 1511

And you can release it that way. However, when a motorcycle is released that way, it is obvious. With software, it takes much more analysis to verify if the application is ready. This is a document that describes all the changes to ECC. The term simplification is a euphemism. Understanding all the implications is a ton of work.

Considering he may not have ever logged into a SAP system himself, it would be easy for him to hear something second hand, and then to start repeating it. This is not the first time we have run into statements from Uwe Grigoleit.

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And we found his comments to be not only inaccurate but highly deceptive. Uwe Grigoleit is an inaccurate source of information on SAP, and most of his statements turn out to not be true when fact-checked.

However, in most cases, the opposite is true. This is still true in

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